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SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Assay Kit

Mar 24, 2020


1. Principle

This product uses the principle of indirect method. If there is an appropriate concentration of IgG antibody or IgM antibody against the novel coronavirus antigen in the sample, it will first react with the colloidal gold-labeled coronavirus recombinant antigen on the colloidal gold pad of the test paper.

2. Characteristic

     15 minutes to get result

     Detect IgM and IgGimproving detection rate

     Supporting whole blood, serum, and plasma sample types

     Optimizing N and S protein fragments, effectively improving the detection rate

3.   Operation steps:

 (1) Tear off the aluminum foil bag

  2 Take 10μL of sample into the diluent and blend well for 5s~10s.

  3Add 2~3 drops vertically and slowly to the sample well of the test card, and

leave it at ambient temperature for 15 minutes.

 4 Observe the result within 10~15 minutes

4. Result Interpretation




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